Travelling US for the first time – What I discovered and learnt

Not too long ago, it was my first time travelling the USA. How it happened was by pure luck and chance, but I count my lucky stars that it did happen and how grateful I am for the occasion. As a European, I have never ventured out of Europe let alone to North America. This is was my first time and I was travelling with my friends and companions. The idea was simple, fly from Heathrow airport directly from Spain and then make the long 7 hour red-eye journey to the big apple for 7 days and then head to the West Coast for some sun, sea and sand – the usual.

New York City - Brooklyn Bridge
New York City – Brooklyn Bridge

We started from Spain and so we had sure to have enough sleep the day before and converted all our currency to the good old English pound as well as the American Dollar. We ensured we did this well before our trip in order to get the best possible transfer rates and ensure we received the most bang for our buck.

Next we flew into the UK with our travel documents in hand and ready to make our transit to the US airlines that will be taking us to our next leg of the journey.

While in the UK, a very interesting thing happened at Heathrow Airport. We ran out of battery for our laptops (clearly trying to be productive in the dead time waiting for our transit) and we came across this interesting 3D printed charger holder for the Macbook pro. It was interesting because of the way the shape was designed and how it solved such a basic problem so well. It was a simple charger holder made from plastic and was produced by a UK 3D printing materials company called Digital Cubed. It was an ingenious design which helps Mac users to hold and charge their laptops in the most convenient way. We were lucky enough to meet the owner of the company as we picked up the item, he was in the airport at the same time. We were able to get some additional details for the company if you are interested, you can find them on their Twitter pages here: digital cubed.

Once we had a full battery of juice, we started our way via Heathrow airport to our final destination in the US – New York City! Now an interesting thing happened once we landed in NY. First of all, it was freezing cold and raining. We wanted to get straight to Manhattan and our hotel so we could leave our belongings and start making our way to the sights of the big apple. After spending a few days on the East Coast, we made our transit flight to the West Coast, where we will be having most of our fun and laughter.

We made a video when we were out there however it got destroyed with one of our cameras and so we have included the below video for you so you can get an idea of what it was like to spend time in New York.

Once we landed in the West Coast, the first thing I realised was how different it was to the East coast and how friendly everyone was. I think it is because of the elevated levels of vitamin D, I do not blame them, who doesn’t enjoy a good level of the sun hitting their skin?

All in all we had a fantastic time travelling the US and finding out about the plentiful signs and resources the country has to offer. We will be releasing another blog about our time in the US as it is too long to cover in one blog post. If you enjoyed this blog then please do let us know by dropping us a comment below and let us know what your favourite city in the US is and why.


Newly updated blog posts

What is up tximinoart lions. We are back with another blog post and this time is to update you on where we have been and what we have been up to since you last heard from us a little over a year ago. We have been stacking the air miles in our journey to provide you with the best global content possible.

Since we last posted, a lot has happened and we are in the process of putting together a good number of blog posts for you to enjoy and learn from. WordPress has been good to us and have allowed us to share a lot of this content with you.

We have been fortunate enough to travel around Europe since we last spoke as well as the US. We spent a good 5 weeks in America enjoying all it has to offer and eating some of the great food on offer in the cities. Having also spent a good time in South America also, you can expect to receive incredible posts and images of our time in some of the worlds best locations in the southern continent.

Glacier Argentina South America Patagonia Ice
Glacier Argentina South America Patagonia Ice

Of the highlights of the trip was being able to visit the well talked about Glacier Argentina South America Patagonia Ice. When we travelled to the wonder, our jaws literally dropped. Now I know what you are thinking – what a cliche to say that – but it is true, we were literally stopped in our tracks when we came across this amazing glacier. From one look, I am sure you know why I mean look at this Argentinian beauty!

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Global Travel is Here To Stay – Bet there or be Square

Global travel is a great thing, do it more, move more and see the world. You know the old age saying – “travelling is the only thing that makes you richer”. Some say the best time to see the world is when you are young and free. The truth is, there is no perfect or ideal time to travel and see the world. Any time is better than no time, most people wait until a perfect moment when in true fact, there is no perfect moment other than the present, so we say do it (travel) as soon, as often and as much as your schedule and pocket can allow.

Travelling Makes You Richer

There aren’t many things in life you can buy when which really make you richer other than travelling and money. Most people leave this part until retirement or some late time in life to go ahead and explore, but we know you aren’t most people and so are most probably on your journey to see the world and we wish you all the best and success.

Travel Globally
Travel Globally

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